Bay of Fundy & Annapolis Valley

    • Most of the rivers experience a tidal bore because of the powerful and high tides(average 52 feet versus 3.3 feet average in the world) in this area. This means that the water comes rushing in at the change from low to high tide and it is a tourist attraction to see and even ride like rapids in a boat.

    • The rock along the Bay of Fundy was formed during the Jurrasic period on the tropical continent of Pangea. Jurrasic dinosaur bones can be found in many places along here. The oldest dinosaur bones in Canada at Burntcoathead, early reptile fossils at Joggins and a plethora of Jurrasic fossils found at Wasson Bluff-all part of the UNESCO Global Geoparks.
    • The valley is formed by two mountain ranges, the North Mountain sheltering the immense farmland from the Bay of Fundy and the taller South Mountain sheltering the valley from the Atlantic Ocean. This farmland gives rise to many celebrations throughout the year such as The Apple Blossom Festival in late spring, Steer BBQ in July, and Pumpkin People in October among many more.